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Parent should know about the child’s activity in the school. ParentoZ app saves our time to monitor our child’s day by day activities.
ParentoZ app enables me to communicate with parents directly whenever required. Now at PTM, parents know everything related to their child so we discuss how to resolve & proceed ahead.
Off course we had tried lots of school management software. Now I get ParentoZ system. I can say, yes it works

About US

ParentoZ is a pioneering effort to create a 360 degree Educational Ecosystem. It is an effort to modernize educational institutes and create a robust platform for an effective interaction, learning and assessment. The company aims to create ecosystem that is
  • An inclusive platform for the educational institutions, parents and teachers
  • A platform for integrated information and communication between all the stake holders in the educational framework
  • A single point of need fulfillment for all educational needs
  • System which make parents closer to school & watch their child’s day by day activity
  • A vehicle of modernization of schools in the country
  • Accessible through all modes of communication

About ParentoZ

Our Vision is to help schools and colleges adopt digitisation at affordable cost encouraging transparency among all stakeholders in the education sector
To use this unique platform to reach out to a million students and parents and to establish a unique and transparent digital highway of communication and information with education institutes.
To Help education institutes to attain digital status and help automate their processes that would help increase their efficiency of member education institutes.

Our Services

We provide a compact solution for school to make school online and live. ParentoZ enable school admin to manage/operate all day by day or other activities through easy admin panel.

All the staff, teacher, student & parent get connected with the school to get the relevant information & establish communication. Our data-centres & servers reduced the cost of operation and provide high end solution to store and access all types of data. ParentoZ reduce the human effort and provide Hassel free schooling.

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